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Our Bee Removal Services Include:

Africanized Bee Removal

Yellow Jacket Removal

Honey Bee Removal Hornet Removal
Wasp Removal Hive & Honey Removal

Florida Bee Removal thanks YOU for allowing us to perform bee removal services throughout all of Florida! 


Call Florida Bee Removal whether you need bee removal services, or perhaps you have a bee swarm or yellow jacket nest on your property and would just like additional information.  You are never a bother to us, we love the phone to buzz for bees!  We have over 56 years experience in bee removal and relocation.

*We also perform LIVE bee removal without harming the bees*

Live Bee Removal Services

*Live Bee Relocation Services available*

Relocation of a bee colony involves removal of both bees and combs from one location ( deemed unwanted or unsafe ) to a more desirable ( safer ) habitat. One must bee safe in this procedureóbeing careful not to endanger people, pets, and property.  Rogue use of pesticides, exotic pests, and poor bee keeping management threatens to further reduce bee colony numbers.  Bee sure you use a licensed & insured bee removal company, as failure to do so could present you with unneccessary liability.



This year looks to be especially busy for bee removal calls.  Please hire a licensed and insured company for your bee removal, as bee swarms may be agressive. This unfortunate person in Florida already found out how aggressive a bee swarm can be this year.  In addition, please don't take it upon yourself to remove the bees, as these people were injured in April of 2015 while being to close to a bee hive.

A tampa bay area minor league baseball game was interrupted by a swarm of bees that took over the home dugout this month.  The news report provided some good pictures.  A bee removal service was called in to remove the bees.  Our webpage devoted to serve our customers seeking bee removal in Tampa, Fl may be found here.

Bee removal or relocation becomes necessary when bee swarms suddenly appear on trees, in containers, or around structures. Also, established bee colonies with combs, need removal when they interfere with normal human activities.

HILLSBOROUGH - Tampa PINELLAS - Clearwater ORANGE - Orlando

813-381-2337 (BEES)

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BROWARD - Ft Lauderdale


POLK - Lakeland

954-830-2337 (BEES)

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LEE - Ft Myers


BREVARD - Titusville

239-290-2337 (BEES)

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MARION - Ocala

PASCO - Dade City

ST LUCIE - Ft Pierce

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813-381-2337 (BEES)

561-779-2337 (BEES)


DUVAL - Jacksonville

PALM BEACH - West Palm

407-417-2337 (BEES)

407-417-2337 (BEES)

561-779-2337 (BEES)

We specialize in live removal and relocation of bees and most stinging insects.  In addition to bee removal (including Africanized bees) we remove wasps, hornets, yellow jackets as well as bee hive and honey removal.  We are licensed and insured for your protection and perform bee removal service in the entire state of Florida.  Be sure whomever you hire can produce license and insurance credentials before they attempt your bee removal job. Please make sure you hire a certified Pest Control Operator (PCO) for your bee issues.  Due to the ever expanding presence of Africanized bees in Florida, the state recommends a PCO for eradication of bees in and around homes.  The African honey bee is considerably more defensive of the bee hive than the European honey bee.

Florida Bee Removal has multiple Florida service vehicles typically resulting in a same-day bee removal for our customers.  Please call now at (813) 381-2337 for an immediate free over the phone quote for bee removal services from a live and local person who knows bee removal!

*Ask about our bee removal warranty*

*The State of Florida recommends that all bee colonies not managed by beekeepers nesting in close proximity to areas frequented by people or domestic animals be eradicated by a licensed and insured Pest Control Operator or removed by a registered beekeeper for purposes of public safety.  In addition to bee removal and relocation, we perform yellow jacket removal.  Yellow jackets are very defensive.  Did you know the yellow jacket stinger is about twice as long as a honey bee stinger?*

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Apian Sting Operation and its parent company, Appalachian Spring Bee Services, have been in the bee removal business for over 40 years. We were pioneers in the establishment of bee problem resolutions statewide. Today, the Sting Operation maintains a highly skilled team of beekeepers, trained and certified to settle beehive or wasp problems wherever they may occur in Florida.

Many citizens fear the presence of beehives near their homes and businesses. Apian understands these concerns, but also wishes to emphasize the importance that honeybees play in keeping our environment in balance. Honeybee pollination ensures us of an abundance of produce and feed for animals, etc. Our quest is to remove wild bees from areas of concern and to encourage best apiary management practices to protect both humans and bees.


Bees in a tree!

Bee Swarm on a House!

Bee Swarm on a Van!


Our Services Include:

Bee Removal Bee Hive Removal
Honey Bee Removal Yellow Jacket Removal
Bee Infestations  Wasp Removal
Bee Nest Removal Bee Swarm Removal
Africanized Bee Removal Hornet Removal

Our Bee Removal Services Areas Include:

Orlando, Lakeland, St Petersburg, Tampa, Miami, Lehigh Acres, Ft Myers, Clearwater, Ft Lauderdale bee removal and more!

Check us out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/floridabeeremoval/

The Tampa Bay area is popular with bees due in part to our weather and pollinating blooms.  We have recently developed a site with a blog full of information and pictures that is specific to Bee Removal Tampa FL.

Commercial customers- Please refer to our credentials page for insurance & licensing information for your records. 

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